MiraclesWeek Day 4 - Double Team [ OTP: AoMomo ]

"Do you believe in fate?"

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But I feel like my followers / EXO stans in general need to know the truth about how S.M. Entertainment works and feeds lies to people, ESPECIALLY the younger fans who may have only gotten into K-Pop through EXO and thus do not know S.M. Entertainment’s dirty history.

All of…


Luhan and Xiumin were spotted in a cafe together. Luhan was eating cake and he was trying to get Xiumin to try some of it too. The fan overheard their conversation:

Xiumin: (probably on a diet) you know I can’t eat that.

Luhan: Minseok-ahㅜㅜ just eat one biteㅜㅜ let’s eat together

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Kitagawa Daichi vs Yukigaoka



Past and present generations. 

so handsome and dorky at the same time.

"Oh, there you are! I was looking for you everywhere.”